Sunday, January 11, 2015


So it is Sunday and I am writing this post late. 

This is from Wednesday. 

In Math Monster started learning multiplication. In Saxon Math, they starts with the tens first. Monster had to use cereal and make a set of tens. Then he had to count how many sets he made. We then discusses how counting each set of tens gives us the answers to ? x 10... He did very well with this. After his lesson he was able to do the times worksheet. I have to time him for 1 minute and he got all the way to the last 5 before time was up! It is sort of weird though to me that he learned it and now it doesn't bring any times tables back for a few more lessons. Just something I noticed going through his work for next week.  

Monster also worked on his Awanas book. He is not into it much this year and I am really having to make him work on it. I am trying to make him more responsible for remembering to work on his verse. Next year will be more important and he needs to know now it is something he needs to be responsible for! 

We ended up not having our co-op this week too. We were supposed to start back but the heaters in the church where it is held were not working. Since it is cold they did not want us there and freezing! So on Friday we just hung out at home and did nothing! It was greatness. 

Monster got some really fun things for Christmas this year and I think I am going to write up some post reviews on a few of the items he got! I know some followers might really enjoy them for their children! 

Oh and I have my first product for a review for The Schoolhouse Review Crew being sent, so I can't wait to get that and start that process! I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone! 

Stay tuned! 

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