Monday, January 19, 2015


I love weekends. I love being able to get up and spend time with my family together. This weekend Monster and Hubby cooked breakfast together. It was so sweet. I actually remembered to get my camera out and capture a few pictures.

I love these moments. 

Weekends go by way too fast too. Monster will be 8 in less than a month and I just can't believe it. Seems days go by faster than they used to. 

This weekend, other than breakfast, Monster played with the neighbor boys, we went to Ikea and Stonebriar Mall, The Disney store and had dinner with some great friends. Oh that was just Saturday too. 

Sunday was much more relaxed. I had a photo shoot, Hubby helped at church, lunch at home, Monster playing with the neighbor boys again, Awanas, home and dinner. Hubby and I got in some HIMYM time too :) 

Today is a holiday for the schools around us. Monster is still working on school work. I am being very laid back about it though. He is being allowed to watch Magic School Bus while doing his Lifepac and that is normally not allowed. He will have 2 lessons in Math today and I am looking for a video maybe to watch on Netflix about Martin Luther King. 

Simple Monday, yet just enough :) 

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