Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Today was a good day. We started off by having breakfast, getting ready (and by that I mean actually putting on real clothes!) and went to World Market. I love that we can just go out and walk to these stores! If we had a grocery store and a Target within walking distance I don't think we would ever move! 

Back on track. We went to World Market to pick up some coconut oil. While we were there they had this beautiful green desk! It was on sale for $99. If I had had the cash right then I would of bought it! I loved it! World Market is becoming a favorite store of mine! 

This was in the check out line. He asked for candy. I said no. This was his face I got. This kid... I mean Thor! 

When we got home we had lunch and worked on Language. One of the things he is working on in his LifePac is writing letters. Monster already does well with this. He used to write to a pen pal. He asked me why we had to learn to write letters when their is email and that is faster. Well, Um, Because your LifePac wants you to learn! Now finish it! Moving on. 

Already did his Spelling test...got them all correct. This week we were talking about Homonyms. He was actually coming up with some of his own too! 

Math was super easy today. He is doing fine with subtraction. I think yesterday was just getting back in the groove of things. Tomorrow we start... MULTIPLICATION! It seems easy now. We start with the 10's tomorrow. I swear when I learned we started with the 1's and went from there, but starting with the 10's kind of makes sense because then you are knocking out the 0's, 1's, and 10's all at the same time! Who knew. 

After Math I had Monster read for 30 minutes. He went from Thor to Batman during this time. He is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 1. He thinks it is funny so at least it is working for us. 

After he read we did Science. We are still using our Magic School Bus kits we get. Today we discussed why you feel like you are still spinning even though you stopped spinning. I let him spin around and then told him to stop. That was fun. We then put glitter in a bottle of water and I showed him how spinning the water bottle and then stopping it you can see how the glitter keeps spinning. We talked about fluid being in our ears and that when we spin the fluid in there spins. When we stop the fluid still spins some so that is why we still feel dizzy when we stop. Interesting enough I did not know that until I read it in our book! Hey we all learned something today! 

My batman! 

Watching the glitter spin. 

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