Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The last two days have been so easy and nice.

Monster has been working online in a Math program (which I will be sharing in a review later). He is working on 3rd grade Math in the program and doing fantastic! He has been getting 100% on all of the quizzes so far! I am very impressed with him. I haven't made him work on his last few lessons in Saxon because he is pretty much doing the same thing in this program and moving ahead. Like in Saxon we talked about hundreds place. Well in his program he is already past hundreds place and learning thousands place. I think Saxon is great don't get me wrong! I also think he was bored since a lot of it repeated. So I reviewed the last few lessons and he has already mastered them all. So we moved on...

Today, Monster finished his last Spelling test! He also got them all correct! WAHOO!!! He is finishing up book 9 in Lifepacs and next week he will do all of his review book and be done!!! How exciting! I am debating though reviewing every single spelling word he has had. Maybe break them day each day next week... twenty here, twenty there till he has wrote them all again.

We also got our next Science kit in Science. I feel bad we have not worked on these lately, but really they can be done whenever. We got a magnet one and that one seems fun. I told Monster we would work on them tomorrow. The first lesson is learning how magnets repel or attract.

I have a review I am working on (not for the program above) and it should be posted soon!

We are dog sitting this week and I got a cute snap of the puppy. Monster has not been much into letting me get pictures lately. I am behind on his 8 year photos!


Watching a movie.

His birthday dinner at Dave and Busters! Still can't believe he is 8! 

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