Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Where did this time go?

Ten days into February. Where did this time go? 

Monster turns 8 in two more days. Where did this time go?

We aren't really doing much, if any, schooling this week. I am letting Monster take a break for his birthday. Great thing about homeschooling. Breaks whenever you want.

 Really Monster only has a week and a half left before he is done with 2nd grade work. He is already working on an online 3rd grade Math program and doing great with it. 

I really can't believe our 2nd year of homeschooling is almost at a close. Where did this time go?

In this last week I have had several friends decide to homeschool and I am so excited for them and their journey! 

I have tons of things I need to post about. Reviews (great ones!) coming up also! I wanted to sit down today and post a good post, but the day is over and hubby is on his way home with dinner. Where did this time go?

I will leave you with a photo I took a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post until tonight. 

Monster is still taking piano lessons and loving it. It amazes me how quickly he is learning the keys and how not to look at his fingers as he is playing. His favorite song right now that he can play without even looking at his hands or his book is Old MacDonald had a Farm! Simple but it is a start! 

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