Monday, February 23, 2015

Today in Texas

We have been pretty lucky this Winter to not have any bad days. By bad I mean anything with snow, really cold or ice.

Well today we woke up to the ground covered in ice. I hate ice. I would much rather it be snow even though I hate snow.

I could never live in the North.

I like the warm too much.

So since most all schools are cancelled here, Monster thought he should get the day off. Techinally he is done with 2nd grade. I have been making him work on Math (which he is working on 3rd grade Math). So I had him do one lesson this morning and then I let him go play with the neighbor kids.

What we woke up to :( ( I know this is nothing like the North has but I hate it) 

Monster dressed himself to go to the neighbors. Thankfully our hallways are all indoors so I don't have to worry about him going dressed outside like this) 

Monster working on his Math program. ( I can't wait till I can share this with y'all and what the program is!) 

So we decided to all walk over to Toys R Us in our area. NONE of the stores were open except Toys R Us, Dillard's and Macy's. Everything else was closed. 

Hubby got to work from home thankfully and did not have to drive out in this! All that white it ICE! No snow ( yet! They are saying maybe Wednesday) 

Monster doesn't have much to do school wise right now since I am waiting to order his Writing, Grammar and Spelling. He is working on Math and I have Science we can do. History is still him watching movies about past events. So right now everything is pretty easy for Monster. 

Well hope everyone stays warm!! Review coming this week for a great product! 

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