Saturday, February 14, 2015

Monster turned...8.

When did growing up happen so fast?

I swear I feel like Monster just turned seven and now a year later he turned eight.

His birthday was on February 12th. I gave him the whole week off from school work as a little treat. We also went to Dave and Busters for his actual birthday with a couple of friends he has made. It was a good day overall.

I just can't believe my one and only is eight.

Next week, well Monday, I want to start Monster on learning about Egypt and how the Egyptians used to live. I found a few books at Barnes and Noble just need to go pick them up! 

Monster will also be finishing up Math and Language Arts this week and next. He has already started an online Math program for 3rd grade and I feel like if he does well with it I may hold off on Saxon 3. He did two lessons right away and got all correct. He seems to really enjoy being online and working. I also believe I found a different curriculum for Writing, Grammar and Spelling. The cost difference is not much between Growing with Grammar and Lifepacs either so it may just work out that GWG would work better for us. I like that the books are all separate from each other too. Lifepacs is all in one and it just seems cluttered. 

Well, we have been dog sitting this week and Monster is not doing well with it. Allergies we never knew existed have now shown themselves :( Needless to say Monster needs some extra cuddles... and I am ok with that :) 

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