Monday, December 8, 2014


I can't believe we are already in December. These last two weeks have been so busy for us.

Right now we are still working on Math. Monster is finally getting into some stuff that is not repeat and I can tell he is liking it more in Math. I also found a new little trick with him. If I time him and act as though it is a race he quickly gets his worksheet done. Before, it was taking him an hour or more just for one worksheet. Now, it is about five minutes. Yes, he gets them all correct! He knows the work and I think that is why before it was taking him so long because he was bored. Since we are getting into harder stuff maybe now he will be more interested!

In Language he is still working in his Lifepac workbooks. He is on workbook #6. Most of it he can read the directions and still do on his own. Which I like. If he has trouble or needs help with something he asks and I explain. So far with Spelling he has only missed like 3 out of all his Lifepac books! Right now he is working on Poetry and Rhyming in the books. As well as more contractions.

Reading for now is all free reading. I am thinking after the holidays starting him on the Chronicles of Narnia books he will be getting for Christmas. Just trying to find a study guide for his age range! It is mostly for older children but I am wondering if there is something I could create maybe to help him.

History we are currently studying Christmas Around the World. Last week we studied about The Netherlands and how they celebrate Christmas. Monster created a little suitcase out of a cereal box. We used file folders to put all of our information in them for each country. This week, we will be learning about Mexico, China and Sweden. I already have planned for Mexico for him to draw on a canvas and paint a Poinsettia. He is taking a art class so I am hoping he will enjoy this at home!

Here are some fun photos of last week working on Christmas Around the World: Netherlands (these are all instagram photos so sorry the quality!)

Making his suitcase! I will share the finish product next Christmas Around the World post! 

I went to Mardel and bought Veggie Tales version of St.Nicholas...because it was the ONLY thing I could find about St. Nicholas in the stores. I was very disappointed. 

He did puzzles and games online about Netherlands. 

Making his wooden shoes for his folder. Next year I will be prepared and have actual wooden shoes! If I can find a place that sells them.... 

This is his finished folder! 

On the morning of December 6th, 2014 Monster awoke to find treats in his shoes. I did explain to him that we normally don't celebrate this holiday, but since we were learning about it I wanted to do something special. I made sure to let him know these were things I placed in there. but it was still the tradition of what St. Nick would do in the Netherlands. 

This will be out last week at co-op also until the new year! I plan on having Monster take off the week of Christmas but that is all. We can still do work since we will be home! I am throwing in fun projects here and there too to keep him busy! 

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