Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Around the World UK

This week for our Christmas Around the World project we have studied the United Kingdom and China.

Monster has learned that in China not a lot of people celebrate Christmas. Christmas trees (plastic ones) can be made in China but most of them have no idea what the tree is for that they are making!

In the United Kingdom we learned that this is where sending Christmas cards started! How fun is that! They also eat roasted turkey and veggies! For his project to go along with this Monster made a few Christmas cards.

My little Angry bird working hard! He is almost done with all his LifePac books for 2nd grade! This week he learned about the correct way to write a letter and address an envelope! As well as getting all his spelling words correct! 

Making his Christmas cards! 

We are still working this week and will take next week off for Christmas and then depending on how things go we may or may not do school work the week after Christmas. Tomorrow we will be learning about how America celebrates Christmas and I bought him the new DVD from Whats in the Bible called Why we call it Christmas! He has no idea and I am very excited to show him I got it! 

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