Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas at home

This year Monster asked Santa for 2 things. Disney Infinity 2.0 (the new one) and a Lego Batman 3 game for the Xbox. That was all he wanted from Santa so that is what he got! A few little treats in his stocking too! Then he also had some presents from Mom and Dad. He goes back and forth on which is his favorite, but I think it was the ipad mini. 

Then Grandma, Aunt Resa, Uncle Brad and Kinley came over! 

Needless to say, I think the kids made out this year! We got Kinley a Karaoke machine this year for her to sing her heart out with!! 

After our Christmas here, we left Christmas night and headed to Houston to surprise my mom. She was expecting us to come in Friday afternoon, but we were able to drive up (getting there at 1am) sneak in, and go to bed without her hearing! She was surprised the next morning when Monster walked downstairs and she saw him! It was worth that drive! Christmas in Houston post coming soon! 

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