Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Around the World in Mexico

Well, it has been a busy day today. Monster finished up his Unit 6 section 2 in Lifepacs today. He asked me if could start section 3 and I told him after he got all of his work done for the day if he felt like doing it he could. He is playing on the xbox right now... I did go ahead and ask him to spell out his spelling words for next week to see which ones he would need to work on... he got them all correct. He only has 7-9 Lifepac books left and then 10 is a review one it looks like. He told me he wants to get them all done. I am not sure how everyone else would do this but I am letting him do these at his pace. He is understanding all the work as well. I guess it is time to start looking for 3rd grade Language Arts now... 

In Math we worked on ordering mixed numbers. Again, he knew this and got it all right. So we went to the next lesson which was using a large square, rectangle and a small square to show how many 100's, 10's and 1's there are in a number. Again, very easy. We both can't wait until he learns something he doesn't know and might actually have to work at it. Times tables and Division is coming up. We are also working more on fractions. I am glad he is doing so well in Math since I have never been a fan of any math! 

History. We are doing our Christmas Around the World. Today he researched Mexico. He colored the state flag in his folder, found out some important information on how they celebrate Christmas, looked up what they ate for a traditional Christmas feast and learned how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish! Feliz Navidad!! As a bonus project we read a little story on why poinsettia's are the Christmas flower and where they came from. He got to draw out a poinsettia on his canvas and then use watercolor crayons to paint it in! Mommy really had to take a step back and let him have complete control over this project. I wanted this to be his art work. I could hear him in the room saying "no I need to make this leaf bigger" or " I can fit in 6 small leaves around the larger leaves", I am so proud of how it turned out! 

Love their art supplies! 

We are using Why Christmas for all of our Christmas Around the World research! 

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