Friday, November 21, 2014

We Choose Virtues (Review+Giveaway)WINNER ANNOUNCED

I am very excited to share this product with you. We Choose Virtues is a character building based educational program. It is designed to help build up biblical virtues in your child/children. 

We received the Homeschooling Kit (retails at $98.99) which includes:

Reusable tools:
Consumable tools:

 WCV PDF downloads that included (retails for $7.99): 
  • coloring pages 
  • teacher handbook
  • butterfly award
  • family assessment
  • songs to go with each virtue

The program has twelve biblical virtues:
  • Honest
  • Content
  • Helpful
  • Attentive
  • Gentle
  • Self Control
  • Kind
  • Patient
  • Forgiving
  • Diligent
  • Obedient
  • Perseverance

We are in an apartment and because of that we do not have a homeschool room. I hung our posters and charts up on Monsters closet door so they were in an area he could see and be reminded of the virtues. 

I used page protectors cut in half to hold the cards I really wanted him to focus on and would rotate them out as needed. 

For the songs, parent cards, flash cards, stickers, and review notepad I placed them all in a binder to pull out and have out for our lesson. 

Monster and I worked together to fill out his monthly assessment for the first time. We discussed areas he already did really well in and other areas he really needed to focus on and work on. 

1. I love the little flash cards that we got. On the front everyone starts with " I am" and I just love that! Instead of me telling my child how he should be, the card reminds him of who he is and can be. On the back of the flash cards it has a little saying for each card and then says the things " I am not" to go along with each card. Plus, a bible verse on each card that represents the " I am". 

The flash cards also came with a game card with a few different games to play with the flash cards! I love that the cards can be used in different ways! It is a great way to get the family involved also! 

A really cute thing about the card, on the front of the card is a character. Each character has a fun name! For instance, on the I am Honest card you have Hockey Stick Nick! Monster said it would be really fun if they had either small finger puppets or even regular puppets for each character! I thought that was a great idea! How fun would that be to use each character to act out ways to be an " I am" kid! 

2. The parent cards are great! I love that it gives me ways to guide my child. From teachable moments to a little story about the characters ending in a question to lead a discussion on the virtue! 

3. I love surprising Monster at the end of a good day with a virtue review note. I will put them in places so that he finds them when he is least expecting it and so that he knows that he is being watched all through the day to see if he is showing his good virtues. 

4. The 100 days of virtues chart has been great!! I love sneaking the stickers on there when I feel like he has really shown how well he is doing. One of his biggest challenges this month has been being content. So we have talked about that one a bunch! With Christmas coming up we, as a family, talk about being content with what we have. We talk to him about others not getting much for Christmas and how he should be content with the things he does have. He is working hard on this one :) 

I would recommend this to all families looking for a great way to teach their child/children about virtues! 

Two thumbs up from Monster too!! 

Another great thing about this product is it is not just for homeschooling families! Nope! All families can use this in their home! You can also use this in the classrooms or even Sunday school rooms! They also have tools for youth so they can follow along too! They are never too old to work on their virtues! 

You can check out all their resources HERE 

Hope you're still hanging in because I am excited to announce that the wonderful people at We Choose Virtues are letting me giveaway a set of the Parent Cards and the WCV PDF bundle to download! How exciting! I am going to make this sweet and simple. 

Here is how to enter: ( UPDATED: Winner is Rebecca Xavier)

1. Check out their awesome website and tell me one thing you learned or one thing you would love to order. ( that will get you one entry!)

2. Check out their Facebook and give them a shout out thanking them for this awesome giveaway! (that will get you another entry, make sure to leave a separate comment for that one letting me know you did that!)

3. Follow Monster and I on our journey! You can follow using Google+ or Facebook (that will get you a 3rd, separate entry!)

Giveaway will end 11/30/14. Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win! You will have 48 hours to claim your prize or another winner will be selected! US ONLY

Don't want to wait...want to order today? Use coupon code: VIRTUE15 for 15% off anything in the store! BUT WAIT...there is more! 

That is right! Black Friday thru Cyber Monday you can save 30% off your shopping cart! How awesome is that! Just make sure to use the promo code! Only one code per order! 

*I was sent the above product, free of charge, for an honest review of the product! All opinions in this post, on the product are mine and Monsters! 


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