Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 10

This week went by so fast. Hubby has been in London for work for seven days and we have missed him. He should be home within the next few hours! Monster is super excited Daddy is coming home today!

This week we:

Did charts, graphing and subtracting this week in Math. Monster only has a few more weeks and he will be done with 3rd grade math!!! 

This week in Language Arts we discussed Antonyms. We played a memory match game where we had to match Antonyms. That was fun. 

Monster tried new pickles this week, but what is more exciting is that he ASKED to try the carrots that were in the bottom of the pickle jar. He tried them and he liked them! I was so proud of him for trying something new! 

In Social Studies this week we worked on taking notes about Suburban Communities.

He colored his picture to make a Suburban area. He added it to his Rural one from last week and next week we will add the Urban one! 
A few other highlights from our week:

Today we wore blue to support our police 

We also went to our local Steel City Pops ( since ya know it is in walking distance)! 

Next week on the blog we will have Meet em' Mondays return!! We will also start Follow Us Fridays! Stay tuned for those and a few new reviews coming up! 

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