Friday, September 18, 2015

Follow Us Fridays { The Niebling Family}

Today I want to introduce a new series on the blog that I hope works out. This is our first Follow Us Fridays.  For Follow Us Friday, I asked the family to share with us a day in their homeschool life.

Today's Follow Us Friday comes from The Niebling Family.

Wednesday 8:15-Breakfast with Mysteries of the Universe, 3rd episode, Thin Blue Line about the atmosphere, then we watched the Magic School bus episode about bees
9:30 -head downstairs to start our book work. Avery is in 1st/2nd with most of her work in 2nd grade. Alex is in 4th with a few 3rd grade books in there to help and Jack is in 5th. We are eclectic homeschoolers and don't follow one particular curriculum. We do about 3 hours of book work and the rest of our time is spent doing group activities in science, social studies, geography and history.  
Here is an example of our daily activities:
Avery- picks 6 pages from Brain Quest (she is a bit stubborn sometimes and if she picks her own pages she gets it done), reads 4 pages from Hooked On Phonics, 1 page from Harcourt Math, and a few pages from Scholastic 100 words kids need to know then does Mystery Science website on the computer with activities. Today is "why do plants grow fruit" and a hands on activity after.
Alex- Spectrum Spelling 4th grade, writing prompt (what my favorite cartoon character is, and why?), Spectrum Phonics, a story from his reading book, Houghton Mifflin math-multiplication tables , Mystery Science website: what makes a roller coaster go fast-with an  engineering activity including: designing our own roller coaster and playing with the marble mania play set we have.
Jack- writing prompt (If I had a million dollars), McMillan/McGraw Hill Math- dividing by 2 digit divisors, Spectrum Geography-reading a population map during colonial times, Spectrum Spelling and Language Arts,Houghton Mifflin Social Studies (actually done with all the kids) colonel studies, McMillan McGraw Hill Reading book and Math book. Mystery Science magnets.

After a break for lunch we make the bagels from a recipe from a story we read during school.
Then they have the rest of the day to play.
We live in Georgia so we are required to do 4.5 hours a day, 180 days a year. We choose to be all year around school and end up doing about 200 days because I take days off here and there to run errands and go to playgroup. 
We are part of a home school group and all of the moms work together to plan field trips, we do about 1 to 2 a month.  
We also belong to a Gem and mineral Society and attend field trips with them on our own.  
We have our own pool and swim every day.
 Avery has soccer in the fall and the boys are taking golf lessons in the winter.  
We attend free days at the Art museum once a month and try to go to as many community events that we can. 
We travel across country during the summer to visit family all over the country. We live on a farm and the kids are starting to help with farm chores as well.
Art lessons are about once or twice a week. Science experiments day is about once a week too.  We have playgroup on Thursdays, so it's easier to just do experiments or art during morning hours then go to playgroup. 
Ruth Patrick Science Center, looking through the telescope at the moon and Jupiter. 

Cripple Creek Colorado on a tour we took down in a real gold mine. 

Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado.

Alligator farm in southern Colorado we visited last summer.

Thank you so much to the Niebling Family for sharing what a day in the life of your homeschoolers is like! 

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