Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 9

This week has flown by for us. It was the start of public school this week ( Monday) so we took that day off. Just because.

The rest of the week went by pretty fast for us.

In Language Arts this week Monster worked on writing a friendly letter and conjunctions. He also had a set of harder spelling words, but still got them all correct on his Spelling test.

In Math this week we reviewed subtraction. I just wanted to review this with him before we moved on. Next week he will work on graphs.

For Social Studies this week we began talking about Communities. We started with Rural Communities and will move onto Suburban and then Urban. We have found tons of activities to go along with this, but finding actual lessons has been hard. I have been just coming up with my own and throwing them together for him. We discussed what land types are in the Rural Communities and what people do for work and talked about what farmers do with their crops and animals. At the end of the whole lesson we will talk about how each community is different and each is alike.

We also started Journal time this week. I needed a way to get him writing more and this seemed like a good fit for him. I find writing prompts or come up with them, write them in the top of his journal and then he has to write about the topic.

This week in Science we talked about light and shadows. We discussed how light can not go through a solid object and that is how we get shadows.

I also threw in some Reading Comprehensive worksheets and we started a online Spanish program ( more about that later ).

Here are some highlights from our week:

We set Monster up with a new workspace. In this photo he was using his ipad to look up words in a dictionary.

Playing with shadows. 


He created his own little farm ( rural community)

I caught him while he was thinking :) He likes to stand up sometimes while he works. 

Now for a fun photo:
I took him out in a field to do a photo shoot and he hated it. This was the best picture I got of him in front of where we live. Yes, HE LOVES THOSE OVERALLS! ( from H&M)

Also, my niece started Kindergarten this week!!! I am so proud of her for having such a great week so far! Although we miss hanging out with her and her mom, we hope she has a great school year! 

*this photo of her is from my photography page, that is why there is a copy-write on it :) 

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