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Super Teacher Worksheets {Review}

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

We were recently given the chance to review an Individual Membership to Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets Individual Membership gets you online access to hundreds of different types of worksheets. They have worksheets for:
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Handwriting ( both print and cursive)
  • Grammer
  • Spelling List (grades 1-5)
  • Holidays
  • Worksheet generator
  • Phonics
  • and several others! 
You are able to use these worksheets for your children and can print off as many worksheets at one time as you like! Every worksheets is two pages long. One page includes the worksheet and the other page is the answer key. I love that they include the answer key.

The individual membership gets one person unlimited access for a year for only $20 a year! How great is that! I really consider that $20 to be doable for as many different types of worksheets you can get with this program, plus even being able to create your own worksheets if need be! 

What we thought:

We have been using Super Teacher Worksheets since the day we got it. We have used worksheets from this site almost every day. I have loved having a website that I can go to and print off extra worksheets to go along with our lessons. I have even added in extra lessons to using this worksheets from this site. I love that I can use the search tool to find worksheets to go along with our theme. 

Monster and I recently studies Communities and I was able to use this website to pull several worksheets to go along with our theme. 

One thing I have really loved about this program is I can easily use it with Monsters Math program. Right now his Math program is online and has no worksheets. I can easily log into Super Teacher Worksheet and find a worksheet or two to go along and print it off. 

The worksheets can be printed in black and white or color. I love the bright colors they use on their worksheets as to me, that is just an added bonus for the children!

I love that they have such a great variety of worksheets as well. I can use worksheets from this site for almost every single lesson I have been doing the last few weeks. I was even able to pull some Reading Comprehensive worksheets as extra practice for Monster here and there. 

So far, Monster has loved having extra worksheets. He has even asked for me to print off some extra brain teasers and puzzles for him to do for fun on the side of his work! 

Here Monster is using two different worksheets that we used when working on Calendars and Months in Math. 

This one has been a favorite of Monsters. We learned all about communities and Monster was able to print off a Rural, Suburban and Urban Community that he colored, cut and put together to make his own little towns! 

Here, we were able to find worksheets on Synonyms and Antonyms and use them for extra practice! 

And then of course the Math ones that we use daily!! 

You can find Super Teacher Worksheets online:

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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