Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Living Sand Review

One of Monster's favorite items he got this year for Christmas is the Living Sand. This stuff is truly amazing. It is called sand but it does not feel really like sand. It has a soft feel to it and you can mold it! The best thing is it will never dry out! I have had it out now since we got back from Houston and never once have I covered it and it doesn't feel dry at all. It is very hard to resist too! Every time one of the family members walks by, they can't help but play with it.
It came with this tub, all the pieces you see and 4 lbs of the sand for $60! Great price if you compare it to some others we had looked at before. 

We play with this daily. I think this is great for sensory. I wasn't sure how Monster would respond to it since he is not a fan of getting his hands dirty, but since it doesn't leave anything on your hands when you are done or while playing with it, he loves it! 

From this picture you can tell the texture of the sand. Not like real sand at all but still has somewhat of a sand feel. 

You can find this product at: The Gadget Experience
Most places have it for $79 or above. They have it for $59.99. For a product that your kids will enjoy for quite some time and it will never dry out, I think that price is worth it! 

They have a ton of great information on their website about the product for any questions you might have! Please check it out and see how wonderful this product really is! 

*I chose to do this review. Monster got this product for Christmas from his Uncle Michael and I wanted to share it's awesomeness with everyone. :) 

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