Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dallas Zoo Trip

Yesterday we took another field trip! This time to the Dallas Zoo. Monster had a great time. He loved all the animals. He told me his favorite was the birds and now he has decided that he wants a pet bird. We went the zoo with several of our  homeschooling friends. I am glad we have such a great group with a great range of kids. They all get along great. The zoo was a big success. 

Monster petting the goat. 

He loved getting to feed the birds and "hold" them. This face was because he saw all the birds flying around! 

Monster and his new friend! 

Monster even loved the snakes! 

Monster on the elephant! 
Even though it is blurry I had to share this one. This little animal was following Monster back and forth. It was so cute! 

Today we are going over to a fellow homeschool family's house to make cookies! Monster is very excited! 

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