Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fun with watercolors

Awhile back I saw a fun art project on Confessions of a Homeschooler. (Another one of my favorite homeschooling bloggers.) She made this fun project with her kids and I thought Monster would really enjoy it. Black Glue and Watercolor Resist Art Project. It was easy to to and Monster loved it. All you need is either thick water color paper or a canvas. We used a canvas because I had one on hand. I got mine at Michaels before the holiday in hopes of another project. We just never got around to it. It worked perfect for this project though.

Once you have your paper or canvas you will also need watercolors (we prefer Crayola), black paint (we just used some craft paint we had) and a bottle of glue (Elmers). We poured some black paint into the glue and mixed it up. Monster then drew what he wanted on the canvas with a pencil (oh you need that too). Once he was done I went over it with the black glue paint stuff. He had some lines really close together so the glue ended up touching in spots (like the chimney). We let it dry over night and then the next day he painted it. I love the way it turned out and he was very happy to show it off!

He is concentrating very hard on drawing his picture. 

Drawing his house. He told me one day we will have a house with a blue roof. 

Letting it dry.

Time to paint! 

All done!!! 

I really think you could even do this with the younger crowd. I would just suggest that the parent does the glue part unless your child has master that skill of tracing lines with glue. Monster is still working on that skill (he likes to squeeze the bottle a little too hard or just not enough still). 

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