Thursday, December 5, 2013

And we are BACK!!!

These last few weeks seem to have flown by. We have been super busy with getting work done and having fun in between. We also went on a field trip and a trip to Houston for Thanksgiving. Here are some update! 

We went to the Galleria in Dallas to see their HUGE tree and do some shopping. 

We went to Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine for their homeschooling week. Monster LOVED it. Totally worth the drive and we will be going again. I have more pictures to post of this but they are on my other computer and I will do a post on that separate when I get them off. This place was great for kids!

Monster also did some work while we waited for Sea Life to open.

While it was cool weather, we went to the park several times and collected lots of large acorns. They are huge. 

Monster on our trip to Houston. 

Monster working in his Thanksgiving lapbook. I pulled things from several websites, so once I get a chance to write a post about the lapbook I will update with links. I am working on putting his Christmas one together now. 

While in Houston we kept the twins busy with lots of crafts on Thanksgiving day. 

We took Monster to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags over Texas this past weekend. He loved it. He rode several rides and had a lot of fun. Thankfully we got to do this before we got the cold weather! 

Yesterday, we went to have lunch with Hubby and stopped by the mall to have some dip and dots. Thankfully we did this yesterday while the weather was 79. Today our weather is below freezing! 

Monster's holiday picture! Thanks to my sister for getting this picture for me!! My mom and sister put together the bow ties and suspenders for the kids! 

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