Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 22 & 23

Day 22 Wednesday- We started off with Math! Monster worked on addition (opposites) , counting by 2's, equal vs. not equal. 

He read out of his Phonics book. He is doing very well with reading. These books come with questions at the end and we have been discussing them but I am now thinking I may have him write his answers down. 

Working on compound words! He did very well on breaking up compound words for his first time! He breezed right through this worksheet! 

He loves when they throw in the crosswords!

Adding compound words to finish the sentence!

In Social Studies we are learning about New Jersey. One of the lessons was to pull out blocks or legos and create a bridge! I thought this was great! Monster spent about an hour creating his bridge and then even used it the rest of the day in his play! I need to get him some kind of table for his legos so he has a better space to play with them. 

Putting people inside the bridge!

He added lights on top of the bridge!

Day 23 Thursday- Today, Monster started off with his 2nd Math test. He did very well and got them all correct! 

Reading to me out of his Phonics book. 

Working on his worksheet for Phonics. Today we discussed plurals. Making words into plurals with different endings. 

For Science we are talking about Mercury. We discussed today about the craters on Mercury and how the asteroids created them by hitting the planet. Our project today included taking flour in a bowl and dropping pebbles into the bowl to create craters. Monster had a blast with this! Next week we have a fun project where we will create a model of Mercury and add craters with different objects! He will loved that! 

Dropping the asteroids! 

Batman wanted to join in on the fun...

Monster then made the asteroids drop into a smiley face on our planet! 

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