Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy little bees

Sorry for the lack of post lately. We have been busy these last few weeks! So I don't bombard everyone with too many photos I put everyone into a collage to talk about each part of our busy lives.
So Columbus Day came and we started working on a lapbook for the week. That was until I was trying to find good facts for my son to learn about Christopher Columbus and was learning things I never learned in school about that man. Needless to say we did not finish that lapbook. I am not sure I understand why we teach our children that he was the first man to discover America when that is not true. 

This was another one of our days. Monster is now learning about coin amounts, double addition and measuring in Math. So far he has taken two spelling test and gotten 100 on both. In Phonics he is also doing very well. He still is enjoying Science but not a huge fan of writing so much, which leaves me with Social Studies that he is not enjoying. We were using Cantering the Country but it was a ton of writing so I have put that aside and we will be doing more lapbooks which he really enjoys! 

So being as we are in Texas and live about 45 mins from Dallas we met my husband at his work and rode the Dart to the fair! Monster LOVED riding on the Dart and the fact that he could stand up while it was moving. Silly boy! So the picture of his making a face is because he was trying a Fletchers corn dog...which everyone says is the BEST! Monster clearly does not agree. lol 

October is a busy month. My husband is on the board of a HR conference they host in Forth Worth every year. It's for people who work in Human Resources. So he went down one Saturday this month and my mom came down for that weekend. Well Mom went back to Houston on Sunday and we drove to Forth Worth Monday. Monster loves it! For one it is a hotel, plus we were getting to see Daddy who he missed. But to me the best part was getting to walk around Downtown Forth Worth. I love it there. It is so clean in Forth Worth. I mean there were people on the streets/sidewalks cleaning them. In Downtown Dallas it just is not like that. Everyone in Forth Worth is so nice too. We were able to go walking around the water gardens, then we walked over to my favorite Barnes and Noble. We even did some homeschool work in the childrens area since there was no one around! The little tables they have I would love to have a set for Monster! They are the perfect size. Also while walking around they have a set up about the John F Kennedy murder. We read a little about it and Monster explored, but I am not sure he really understands it all just yet. We stayed at the Omni Hotel in Forth Worth and I just want to say they are AMAZING!!! They gave Monster this really cute back pack that had some fun little goodies in it! Plus the staff was just amazing. We were right across from the Water Gardens so the next morning we walked through them again and then back to the bookstore before heading back home. It was just an over night stay but it is always worth the trip out there! 

This was last Friday. Every year our church has a Fall Festival. We went with my niece and her mom. Monster and her had a blast! Monster did NOT like the little boats that went around... he said they went too fast... she loved it! BUT he did go down that huge slide all by himself! I was proud because I never thought he would do it! I love that our church does this because it is only $5 a kid and all rides and games are free! Plus before the festival we got to watch an amazing little dude! We have been going to church with his parents now for a little over two years. His mom and I actually went to high school together but we did not know each other and she was a grade below me. Over the last two years we have become friends with this amazing couple. They are great people and awesome parents to that cute little guy in the top left corner. 
You can read their blog and hear his story from mom and dad: HERE @ Filium Nostrum Miles est.
They are both truly amazing and such inspirational people.
Well that is my catch up post. I am also getting ready to post a awesome giveaway so stay tuned for that! Tomorrow is Halloween and we will be celebrating by going to dinner and a movie with Monster... his choice!!!

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