Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 25 & 26

Day 25- Monday

Monday did not start off great. Monster was under the impression that we did not have to do school. He had overheard Daddy and I talking about Columbus Day and how Daddy said we should not do school. Well Monster woke up and told me we did not have to do school since it was a holiday. I explained to him that yes we still had to do school and that we would be learning about Christopher Columbus. Well then we figured out that we had the dates wrong (oops!) and explained to him that is was not in fact a holiday. He still had some attitude and I think it was the first day it took him several hours to finish his school work. Then I felt bad cause later in the evening he started running a fever and said he had a headache. I am wondering if that might of been why he was not acting right during school time.

He did all his work including Social Studies, which I did not get any pictures of. I guess it was just an off day for him. 

Day 26- Tuesday

Today was a much better day. Monster still woke up with a low grade fever but has only had medicine once today and has been acting great! He woke up at 10 am, so maybe he needed so rest. 

He worked really hard on Math (mostly reviewing things he has already done), Phonics- he is adding ending sounds to make new words. Ex: Care- Careful/Careless and then taking away ending sounds to make the base words. He does well on these. He has his 2nd Phonics test coming up soon. For Science today he did his Mercury mini books and he did his puzzle vocabulary. He loved both of those! We added in his scriptures today. I am trying a new way to get him to learn more than one at a time. Since we did not do Awanas last year he is a book behind. If he can finish this one then he can start on his next one. I am hoping he has them both done by the end of Awanas so that next year he will be on the correct book! I played memory with him using note cards. Then I had him match them while they were mixed up. Today was much better than yesterday. We have been having some great Fall weather so I am thinking tomorrow we might try schooling at the little park that is by us! We shall see! 

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