Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What we have been up to...

Monster and his cousin were in a fashion show. Here is Monster walking the "catwalk" lol. I loved these orange pants! 

Here is his cousin! She loved being up in front of everyone! 

Monster went to his first Lowes build and grow workshop! He made Dusty from the movie Planes! 

THIS WAS A BIG DEAL THIS WEEKEND! We went to a birthday party of one of the boys in my husbands church group he leads Saturday nights. Monster really wanted to jump off the diving board but every time he got out the end it would move (bounce) he would freak out and come running back. Finally one of the older boys who Monster loves to be around told him he would jump off one side and Monster could do the other. And there they went! Monster jumped off! He did have to wear a life jacket because he could not swim in the 13ft of water that they were jumping into! They did have life guards on duty at the birthday party too which I thought was great since it was at a aquatic center where they usually hold practices and swim meets. 

There he goes with one of the other kids. It was her older brother who got him to jump in the first time! Monster kept doing it over and over after he jumped the first time! 

Here is Monster at swim lessons Monday. He is doing so great and his teacher is awesome! He is working on his arm strokes now. 

They teach them to roll over and float when they need air! 

So this week I will be finally ordering our curriculum ( Horizon), we have a church huddle tomorrow, dinner with friends on Thursday, birthday party this weekend, as well as a charity event on Saturday night. Needless to say, we will be busy the next few days! And... today I was offered a chance at an amazing product review and giveaway. So stay tuned for it because you will love the product! 

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