Friday, August 2, 2013

Target Toy Sale!

So every year for the last couple of years, Target has been known to put their toys on clearance right about now. I saw some did it last week and when I went to my Target the guy I asked said they didn't do that. I told the guy they did it last year. He tried to act like they always mark stuff down but never at a certain time. Whatever. 
So today I saw some people posting again so again I went to our Target. They had some stuff on clearance but not how they did the last few years :( I got some great stuff though for Homeschooling and games to have! 

Melissa and Doug Decorate your own Dinosaurs: Original Price: $7.99 Clearance Price: $2.38
Play-Dough Swirling Shake Shoppe: Original Price: $17.39 Clearance Price: $5.21
Catan Junior: Original Price: $29.99 Clearance Price: $8.98
Crayola Activity Center: Original Price: $14.99 Clearance Price: $4.48
Space Checkers: Original Price: $ 12.99 Clearance Price: $ 3.88
Learn to Read (Tag Book) Leap and the Lost Dinosaur with 15 interactive cards included: Original Price: $13.99 Clearance Price: $4.18
Original Total Price WOULD OF BEEN: $97.34 without tax
Total I spent was: $32.90
That is a $64.44 SAVINGS!!!! 

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