Thursday, August 1, 2013

Swim Lessons with Monster

This summer we joined Lifetime Fitness. We love their pool that they have and its great fun for Monster. Although he is not allowed on the slides yet, he still enjoys the rest of the pool. Since Monster is getting to be old enough to swim without any floating devices we wanted to make sure he was ready. Lifetime offers swim lessons so we signed him up! The first day he went (which I totally forgot my camera) I was so impressed. The swim teacher got him to swim under water just by catching a bubble and going under. This was huge because before Monster would only go under if he covered his ENTIRE face with his hands! I was very happy she got him to do this on his first lesson! She would also throw these rings and they would sink and he would actually go and swim under water to get them...he had never done this before! ALL ON THE FIRST LESSON! So this past Saturday we took him to his 2nd lesson and he did great. He floated on his back when she asked him too. He swam under water to her. He has a little trouble swimming on top of the water cause his little bottom just wants to sink back down. After swim lessons this weekend we let him go to the big pool and we threw some sticks in for him to go under and get. The water here is 3'6 and while Monster can touch its still enough for him to swim under and get the sticks and come back up! We also took him to the 4'6 area and threw some there too and he does great there too! 
Here you can see the sticks and him swimming under to get them.

Here he was checking out where Daddy threw them.

He is going to get them again.

Seeing again where the other one was. 

Under water getting the sticks!

He went under and his bottom started floating upwards! lol


Going under! 

He got them! 

I just love him! 

Just wanted to share a picture I took the same day of our beautiful skies we have been having! Monster has 6 lessons left and I can not wait to see what he learns! I am hoping before they close the outside pool down for Winter that he will be able to go down the slides once. They will only let you if you can come down the slide and swim over to the side alone. Monster just isn't there just yet. Working on it though!! 

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