Thursday, August 8, 2013

Monster's Daily Learning Notebook!

So again, while browsing Pinterest, I found this awesome free learning notebook. This is a morning activity that can be done while doing calendar time. I found this over at: Confessions of a Homeschooler. I have loved her blog since way before I decided to homeschool. I have followed her blog for quite some time now :) 
This daily notebook includes several activities for your child to do. The first three pages you need to put in a page protector (I haven't done this yet). I am very excited that I found this to use with Monster. I think this will just add some extra fun to our calendar and morning time. Thank you Confessions of a Homeschooler for creating this and letting us print this for free!!! 
I put everything in a green binder I had already :) 

So this is one of three pages that will go into a page protector for him to use a dry erase marker on everyday! You can click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can see what all comes on the page! 

2nd one that will be in a page protector!

3rd one that will be in a page protector! 

Calendar and weather tracker for each month!

Making tally marks each month for how many days we are "in" school.

Writing their name each month to see how it changes.

Marking each day till we get to 100 days of school!! I already have some fun things I want to do on the 100th day of "school"! 
If you print this out please be sure to leave her a comment and thank her!

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