Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reading folder

September 3rd is coming and coming fast! That will be our official start date for homeschooling. I have been getting everything I can ready to start. I got my planner, have printed off several extras from awesome websites I have found (through Pinterest mostly) and next week we will be ordering our curriculum! I have less than a month left. Some of the things I have found online have been great and I have been working on getting them put together and ready. Here is his reading folder I have ready. 

This first folder is his reading folder. I found the print outs for each month at: 123 Homeschool for Me. Its perfect for Monster too. It has a space for the book title, author, genre, #of pages, start and finish date, and a spot to check if a book report was done. Which takes me to the next picture.
 Book reports. I remember in school doing book reports. This one is simple for 1st grade level. It asks for the title, author, and a rating. Then it asks for a quick summary, favorite characters and why, where the book takes place, best part of book and why and then asks if they would recommend the book for a friend. On the side they can draw a picture of their favorite scene! I love it. So simple. I found this page here . There is no link to click just click on the picture. It will print normal size not small :) 

Stay tuned. Next I will be posting an awesome Daily Learning Notebook I found! 

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