Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mardels Shopping Trip!

I love Mardels! Great store for teaching needs! I stopped by the store to just browse while wasting some time yesterday and ended up finding two great products I can use with Monster!
The first is a DVD that teaches kids/teens how to draw Dinosaurs! He may not be into this right at this moment but I know one day it might come in handy! The other is a 1st grade creative reading book that has lots of great ideas in it that we can use! See those awesome red tags on them too! Yeah 75% OFF!!!
DVD was originally $2.99 I got it for $0.74 yep, not even a dollar! Talk about scoring on that one!
Workbook was orginially $3.99 I got it for $0.99! I mean you can not walk away from that! I had to spend the $2.00 cause I knew they would be worth it! Adding these to my pile of things I am already collecting! Never to early!

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