Monday, January 14, 2013

Games for homeschooling?!

I believe every child needs to learn to play games other then what is on the ipad, tablet or kindle! Drives me crazy that my son would rather play a game on the kindle then the actual board game! So this mommy is doing something about it! Today while browsing shopping in Target I found they had a ton of toys on sale! So since Monsters birthday is coming up I found this fun little game that is also a learning game for him! We will be using this a lot because it keeps the mind turning! This is the junior version for kids! I have played the adult version and it is challenging so this should be great for Monster!
Plus it was on clearance so even better! :)
Have a favorite game you like to use for homeschooling? Please leave a comment with the name of the game! Would love some reccomendations!

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