Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Homeschooling Products

Over the last few years I have always been on the lookout for products that are not only fun but educational as well! I guess that is the past teacher in me :). I taught Pre-K for several years! So, over the last few years on my other blog Living in a Monsters World I have had the pleasure of getting to review some great educational products that I would like to share with you here. These are all links to products I have either bought and reviewed myself or was sent a product from the company itself to review!

1. I LOVE Lakeshore Learning Store so this is a game we found that was perfect for matching skills, using focus and teaching patiences.
2. This 2nd one is also from Lakeshore Learning Store, however this was sent (via email code) to me as a product review! They have software for ages Pre-K-6th grade! You can even buy single copies! Monster loved this one! We got it before he started Kindergarten and he can still use it!
Word Building Fun Factory Interactive Game
3. I know several homeschooling parents know several great websites! I found this one a few years back and was able to do a review for them also. Monster was able to enjoy their Marble Maze and he still plays with it after almost two years! They have some great educational and FUN products!
(he was so little in this picture! We were also getting ready to move so ignore the mess in the back!)
4. Another one of my favorites is felt boards! I love these for story time or even just center play! Betty Luken has some of the best ones! I was able to review three of them and I used these while keeping kids in my house. ( I used to watch 5 kids in my home so they needed fun products!) I love these boards because of the bright colors and they lasted! I just recently sent these three to Monsters school he is in now for his teacher since Monster out grew these themes! I am hoping to get some more when we begin homeschooling. She also has bible story ones which is first one my list!
*Please note these links do not go directly to the product site. They are linked to my personal/family/craft blog. The direct links are on the pages you are routed too!

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