Saturday, January 26, 2013

Animals around the World Puzzle

Monster got this really neat puzzle for Christmas this year! He really loves playing with it and looking at all the different animals! This puzzle is very neat and I will show you why!
This is Monster putting the puzzle together.
Connecting the pieces.
Here it is finished... or is it?!?!
Nope! Here it is finished! This puzzle has this really neat boarder that you put around it. All of the pieces connect and if you turn them over it shows you what that animal eats! Monster loves looking and seeing what the animals eat! He has done this puzzle a few times now and he still gets into trying to figure out each animal and tries to guess what they eat before he flips the pievce over!
He got this for Christmas and we were told it came from Tuesday Morning. We have one near us and I have never been but now I am wanting to go to see what other fun stuff they have! This is very educational for kids! I was very excited he got such a neat puzzle!

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