Friday, January 18, 2013

Homeschooling Items!

Today I found myself at Target (again) and then the Dollar Tree in our area. I love both of these stores! So the picture below is everything I got today for a total of $12! Everything I got is something I can and will use with Monster for homeschooling!
These books I found at Target in their dollar section! Total score on these! One book is Science questions about animals! I had already bought him one about the human body earlier this week! The other three books are books he can either write or draw in. They give you prompts and you go from there! So happy and they were each $1!
Next  I went to the dollar store and found three really neat games! They are adding, subtracting and clocks! Under each piece is the answer. It doesn't really explain the game so I thought we would use a dice and when you land on a space and can correctly answer the problem then you get the piece. If you have the most you win! The other two books are spelling puzzles and another addition book! I really want Monster to do great in Math since I hated Math in school so I use whatever I can find for Math! All of these products were $1 a piece also! Yay!
I also got these at the Dollar Tree! $1 for 4! Each set! $2 for 8 containters! Heck yeah! Excited to see where I can use these but I thought this was a great deal so I grabbed them! Whatever I use them for I want to add some chalk labels that look like the comic book bubbles (like when the people are talking) I think Monster would love that! :)
Hope everyone has a great day and don't forget to share any great finds you may find in the comments section below! And you can leave a link to your blog! I love following fellow bloggers!

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