Monday, November 2, 2015

Graphing Halloween Candy

The last couple of years we have not done trick or treating. Monster would never go up to scary houses, we always got way more candy than needed and we usually did a family thing instead.

Well this year Monster has neighbor friends for the first time that really wanted to go. So we created all 3 boys into Zombies at the last moment ( Party City was crazy hectic!) and took them out!

Again, we got way more candy than needed! Monster can't even have a lot of it due to it being either gummy or sticky. OR he doesn't like certain ones.

So this homeschool mom was on a quest to figure out what we could do with all the candy besides stuff our faces with it.

Then BAM! I had an idea. LETS GRAPH IT!!!! My husband thought I was crazy.

So this morning we ( Monster and I) sat down and started. Then I stopped and let him continue on his way because he was really getting into it and I did not want him to lose focus!

Looking through his candy. 

Starting off he put them in lines and counted out how many he had. Then he wrote the number on a sticky note to go next to it. 

All lined up !

I think Smarties won! He had 33 Smarties! 

Here he is all done! He was so proud! We then took some and made either adding problems or multiplication problems.  Like for instance: He had 13 packages of gobstoppers. There were 3 gobstoppers in each pack. How many gobstoppers are there all together? So he took 13x3 and came up with 39! We did problems for several different ones till he got bored with that. 

We then added up every number to see how many he had total. He counted in his head as we went down the line and I did it on paper to make sure he was doing it correctly. We both came to the same number... 234 pieces of candy! Too many! 

He then took what he wanted and was allowed to have and I put the rest in a bucket. He asked for one gobstopper and that was it. 

The rest is in his bucket... just sitting there... staring at me.... 

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