Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 7 of 3rd grade

Do I even call it week 7? I mean he has been working on 3rd grade Math and other lessons for more than 7 weeks. So we are in Lesson 7 in our Language book...

Time is flying by it seems. I feel like Summer just started and now Summer is coming to a close. We haven't even been able to go to the pool much the last couple of weeks because of how HOT it is here in Texas. I figure we can stay indoors now and when Fall hits we can spend several hours outside enjoying the nice weather.

This week has been pretty easy.

In Language Arts, we are working on Lesson 7 in the yellow book. Most of it had to do with contractions which he is already familiar with. His Spelling words have all been pretty easy for him as well. He usually gets them all correct every week.

In Math this week he learned all about Decimals. I was a little nervous going into this lesson. His lessons are all done online with the instructions and questions. I sat with him to make sure he knew and understood both the lesson and the questions. He got 100% on everything. I added in some extra review worksheets this week over multiplication, division and decimals. Just to make sure he is retaining the information.

In History this week, we started the Who Was/Who Is series last week. Last week we studied Leonardo Da Vinci and this week Monster wanted to study Stan Lee. He is reading the book during the week and then creating a timeline to go along with each persons life. Next week he will read Who was Jesus. I am letting him pick each book he reads for this.

For Handwriting this week I am trying something new with him. Another blogger I follow posted on her Instagram her daughter using a salt tray to practice cursive letters. Monster gets frustrated easily when he tries to write out the letter and they don't turn out the exact way they should. So I made him a salt tray and printed out just a few letters for him to practice. Over the next few weeks I will add more and more letters. I will also add in blank handwriting paper for him to practice the letters on when he feels like he is ok with writing them. We have used other booklets in the past and they have worked some but I don't want him to get frustrated when his don't look just like the books. So we are trying it this way for now.

Since out Language Arts did not include Reading this week, Monster has had free reading time. Plus we are reading together at bedtime. We started book 4 in The Magic Treehouse Series.

We have skipped Science this week. I am looking for some new fun experiments to do with him.

I love watching him work out problems.

He also helped me cook dinner last night. He is usually not a fan of getting anything on his hands. He did really well, but as soon as he was done he ran to wash his hands. 

Public School here starts on the 24th of August. We are planning a field trip that week. Haven't decided which day yet, but we are looking forward to getting out and about with less crowds! 

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