Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas gift list for Monster

Christmas is coming. Seems like it always sneaks up on us. We say we are going to shop year round and then we don't.

This year Monster will be 7, almost 8, by the time Christmas gets here. He is growing up and growing out of the little kids toy section.

His Christmas list this year ( yes he already has one written) includes:

  • Legos (Chima)
  • Lego Batman set 
  • Minecraft game for xbox360
  • Minecraft play sets (is this an actually thing?)
  • Lego Harry Potter book (This one)
  • Lego Batman Book (This one)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia set (which is Aunt has already gotten for him) :) 
  • Ipad Mini (ugh!) 
His biggest thing is the ipad. I know it would be great to have and it would actually help him with some of his schooling too. He could download educational apps and even books. It is just the cost that gets me.

I have been looking at other non battery items too (ya know just in case).

Crystal Climbers from Lakeshore
(those are actually on sale right now for $12.99!!!)
George Washington's spyglass
Brain Splatter ( would actually make a great stocking stuffer!)
Smencils Pencils (another stocking stuffer idea)

Can I be honest. It is hard looking for products for the bigger kids. I want something I know he is going to play with and enjoy. Right now his closet is full of imaginext sets that hardly get used. I want to sell them, but he isn't there yet. I am hoping the closer we get to Christmas the better I can get at convincing him. 

Can you believe I am even having a hard time finding good stocking stuffers. I am trying to stay away from candy or things that are little and will just get lost. I love the smencils. He has one he got and he loves it so I know I need to get him more of those. Still looking for some other ideas that would work for him though. 

Do you have any ideas? Please let me know in the comments below of any items you think are great for Christmas gifts! 

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