Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Having baby teeth pulled

Well Monday we skipped schooling and headed to the dentist at noon. Thankfully our dentist is literally a few feet away from where we live. We walked right over and got started.

I knew Monster needed a cavity fixed and two baby teeth pulled. Monster is 8 and still has not officially lost any baby teeth. His permanent teeth in the two front spots on the bottom had already started coming in.

Not the clearest picture, but I was in the waiting room with my phone. 
See what I mean by big teeth already coming in! So we had to get those stubborn baby teeth OUT! 

The dentist we used was amazing with Monster. She was calm with him, answered any question he or I had, and every time Monster took the pillow out of his mouth she calmed him down and just replaced it. No frustration whatsoever. This was Monsters first time to have dental work done. (besides the regular teeth cleaning)

So, he finally got his first two baby teeth out! 

Again, sorry for the crappy cell phone picture. It looks worse than it actually is. He even says it doesn't hurt at all. He does say it feels weird. Today it looks much better even. 

So want to see WHY these teeth had yet to come out?!?!

Seriously! These are the front two baby teeth and their roots!! The back roots had already started to disintegrate. So the front roots were left. Those teeth wanted to be in there for good! She told us the two teeth next to them will most likely have to be pulled out as well, but not till he is 9 or 10. 

Yesterday, because of all this, he was allowed a free day from school. Daddy also come home early to be with him. Today, we were back to our normal schedule! 

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