Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 4

This has been a pretty lax week. We have managed to get all of our work done and some fun time in too! All the kids in our area went back to school this week. So on the first day of their back to school we went swimming. I knew the pool would be pretty much empty and it was great.

Yesterday my SIL came over with her daughter and the little girl she keeps and we did the famous milk in a bowl project. The kids loved it. We are thinking about doing a once a week Science experimenting day where we get the kids together and do a big project. I have so many ideas that I have pinned to do with them. My niece is four as is the other little girl!

We did this with:

  • Shallow bowls
  • WHOLE milk
  • BLUE DAWN dish soap
  • Food coloring
  • q-tips

We actually did it once till it wouldn't mix anymore then dumped it all out and did it again. I learned that if you add more dish soap and sit and watch it, it will separate more. It was neat to watch. 

Monster loved it so much we showed DH when he got home from work! 

Another fun thing we did this week was create a light table! I have been wanting to make one for him for awhile and so I finally did! I am now looking for other items that would work on this for his age group. 

So far we found these cool spiders, made a couple color bottles and some slime. I also found some letters I will be ordering soon for him to use to work on spelling words. Yesterday while at Walmart I thought of a great way for him to use the light table for Math but I needed transparency sheets. Yeah they don't sell them anymore.... I was bummed out. Hoping I can find some at a office store this weekend. We also bought some planets to use on the light table. We took them apart so it was just half of them so they would work better. Monster wants to put them back together though and hang them from his ceiling (thats what they are made to do) so we may be doing that this weekend as well. 

Right now though, Monster is sick :( He has been running a fever since last night. He is asleep and resting at the moment. I am hoping he feels better soon. He hardly ever gets sick. 

More fun post coming soon!! 

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