Monday, August 11, 2014

First week down, Several more to go...

Our first week of homeschooling for the 2014-2015 school year went great. Monster did his work and got through most of it pretty fast.

In Math we worked on time on the hour. Something Monster does very well. 

With Saxon Math they give you a 2 sided worksheet. They tell you to do the 1st worksheet together and the 2nd worksheet later on. Right now I am only have Monster do the 1st side alone. If he WANTS to do the back he can. This will change once we start getting into problems he needs help on but right now everything is review pretty much. 

This was one morning he was working while eating breakfast! 

Reading and answering questions out of his Lifepacs Language Arts book

Working on CVC words. Monster did this and was done. He is way past 3 letter words. 

For Science I added in a layers of the earth project. He did not like this part at all. He is not a fan of dirty hands! 

Playing cooties with my cutie.

This was our layers of the earth project Friday. It has the top completely covered and this week we will begin painting it. 

Monster working on his first self test in his Language book. 

This week we have a friend visiting us during the day so I am letting Monster do his work in the evenings. 

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