Monday, March 3, 2014


Life... it passes by faster than you think. This last month has gone by so fast, I am not even sure what all we did in those 28 days. Now we are already on our 3rd day of March. I can not believe how fast time is going this year. I mean what happened to the New Year!

This past month I have been helping at my husbands office. I posted that before, but just in case you missed it or you are new. I was letting Monster do his school work in the evenings when I got home and he did ok but in the end that was not working as well as I hoped. So, I started letting him do his work during the day since most of it was review and if he needed help with anything he could wait for me to get home and I would go over it with him. That was not working so well. I should also mention he was staying with Grandma during this time. He was not home alone. Just in case I forgot to mention this.

Since I am home again this week we are getting caught up. I was afraid after having let him take a two week break that we would need lots of time to catch up. This morning I sat him down with some basic work that is mostly review and I went through what we have left to do. To my surprise We have maybe a months left of work to do. WAHOO!!! I know he will be excited but I am more excited. I am so over using Horizon. I thought it was the perfect fit for us, but boy was I wrong. Monster needs more hands on learning and Horizon is just not it for us. I was going through our Math this morning and noticed the only new thing he has to learn is addition with carrying over. All the rest is review pretty much. No wonder he is bored. I am so ready for a new lesson!

Here is one struggle though. I need a more hands on Math for Monster. I am not a fan of Math U See so that is out.

Another struggle is Spelling. Worksheets are just not his thing. I know I have said it before. I was looking into All about Spelling but just not sure that is a fit as well. Today, I came across a program called Ultimate Spelling. Not much out there on it though. I have sent in an email asking a few questions about their program to see if it will be a good fit or not.

We are planning on doing school year round with a few breaks in between. It is just a better fit for us. That is the reason I am stressing over curriculum. Plus, we are moving in a month. I want Monster to be settled into his schedule when we move so that doing work is not an issue.

Another update. I started a photography page on Facebook. Spotted Moments Photography I am learning photography but this is where I put my pictures of friends and family I take. So far I have done a few new shots of Monster, my niece and a friend from high school. I did her maternity pictures and then Friday I got to do her daughters newborn photos. Again still learning the ropes!

Today I leave you with:

Him. He makes my world perfect! 

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