Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BIG Changes coming....

Can you believe that it is already March... and halfway through March I might add. We have been super busy. I am still working part time at my husbands office until the end of the week. I am so ready to be back with my Monster full time. I miss him. It is so hard to be away from him during the day after being home with him all this time (since he was 2!).

Homeschooling- We have taken a break at the moment. Monster was not enjoying the work. I was tired of fighting with him to do work every day. I tested him. He knew it. No wonder he hated it. He hates doing the same work over and over and over... and honestly I don't blame him. I learned I shouldn't be forcing my son to do work when he knows how to do it. Instead he likes to be challenged. He has been building with legos, using his mind to fix situations, going to church and awanas, going to co-op on Fridays. Playing learning games on his Kindle and I am honestly surprised at how well he is doing. He seems more relaxed and he is enjoying more of the learning than before. The other day I caught him doing 2nd grade Math on a learning game and getting all of the answers correct on stuff I haven't even taught him yet! He was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him for actually wanting to play those games.

However, starting in April, we will begin Saxon Math for 2nd grade. I am hoping this will challenge him a bit more than Horizons did. I am hoping he will enjoy the hands on approach more than what Horizons was. Fingers crossed.

We are also going to be using Learning Language through Literature- the red book. It seems fun and would help Monster keep focused. It has four spelling words a week, however, I am looking into using Spelling U See on top of it to give him more spelling practice.

Geography has been decided on Little Passports. It seems fun and engaging which Monster needs!

Science of course will be The Magic School Bus Young Scientist Club.

I am hoping to get him into a Art class and a Writing class at his co-op for next year! They haven't released the classes yet so not sure if there will be one for him.

Home Life- WE ARE MOVING!!! Not far, but we are. We are moving to a great area with a lot to do! Plus it is so much closer to work for my husband which is a big deal! Right now he drives an hour each way without traffic. Now we will be literally 14 mins from his work door to our front door! We are very excited about this new change! We pick up the keys to our new place tomorrow. I can't wait to take pictures and post once we get the place in order!

In other news- I have been trying to get more reviews and giveaways for the blog. It has been hard. It seems companies only want bloggers who have high traffic numbers and have a high number of followers. Which I totally get. It is hard though for us smaller blogs who want to grow and want to get our name out there. We get turned down for reviews and giveaways but they actually help our numbers grow when given the chance to do one. When I had my other blog it was a bit bigger, so I got more chances. However, I wanted to separate myself from my craft blog to my homeschooling blog because that is what I wanted to focus on. So I created a new blog (this one) and because I am not high on numbers and stats I am getting turned down for reviews that I would love to do and share with my followers. I am working on it though. Our smaller blogs have to grow someway and I really want to grow my blog!

Once we move I will have more time to blog and post! So get ready! With all our new adventures we have planned I can't wait to share them with y'all!

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