Friday, February 21, 2014

Glide Bikes Review

When Monster was about 5 years old, he fell off his bike. I am not talking like barely fell off. When I turned around and saw him laying on the ground with his leg twisted under the bike and him screaming I honestly thought his leg was broken. Ever since then he has been weird about being on a bike with pedals. He doesn't like that he can't control it while focusing on pedaling too. I never forced him to even try after that. 

Then I came across Glide Bikes. I became very interested in these almost as soon as I saw them. It seems these bikes are becoming very popular, very fast. 
Glide Bikes was started over 8 years ago to help toddler age (18 months) and up (to adults) learn to ride a bike with ease. The bikes also are great for children with special needs

They have a sizing chart so you can determine which size bike would be best fitted for your child. 

It took me (yes me!!!) all of 15 minutes to put the few pieces together that needed to be put together. For the most part the bike comes put together. I had to add one tire, put the handle bars in place adjust the seat and fix the kickstand a tad. 

Glide Bikes are pretty much just like a regular bike... but without pedals. I love this. It teaches the children to focus on learning to balance the bike (which is a key factor in riding a bike) and use their feet to make the bike go. I love that there are no pedals on the bike to get in the way of the children focusing on pushing on the ground with their feet. Monster was able to control the bike so much better than a normal bike. He was able to make it go with his feet and make it stop by putting his feet right down. He did very well balancing the bike as well. Anytime it started leaning over he would straighten it right back up. He was able to go as fast or as slow as he wanted. 

We received the Go Glider in Blue. Monsters favorite color :) 

It has an added brake in case the child needs it. 

The seat on the bike can adjust very easily with a click of a latch. I honestly changed the seat a few times while we were at the park and each time took less than a minute. It's that easy.  The bike also comes with a kickstand so if you are not riding the bike it can stand up. I like that so much better instead of the bike laying on the ground, getting all scratched up! 

The foot pegs can either be out like this for the child to put their feet on while the bike is moving. Also, they can turn with the click of a button and be out of the way. 
These tires are wonderful. They come already aired up and ready to go. These tires use air while the tires on the EZee Glide (ages 18 months-5 years) and the Mini Glide (ages 2 year to 5 year)   use the EVA Foam. Which means your tires never go flat! 
I promise he was not chasing the ducks. They are just everywhere at our park and just hang out! 

The Go Glider is geared for ages 5-10. Monster just turned 7 so it was a perfect fit for him. It can hold weight up to 125lbs. The Go Glider only weighs 12lbs itself. It is so lightweight that I was able to carry it with one hand while holding my camera in the other hand and I had no issues. 

Monster really has enjoyed his Go Glider. Since our weather is FINALLY warming up here in Texas we will be able to get outside more and enjoy some family time with his new bike! 

Check out Glide Bikes today! 

*This review was made possible by Glide Bikes. I was provided the featured product free of charge (except shipping) for my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

*Before anything is said I would like to say yes my child is 7 and not wearing a helmet. I am fully aware of the risk. HOWEVER with that being said, my child and his head cannot fit in a helmet. Not even joking here. We went to Target right before we went to the park and I tried on several sizes from child to adult and nothing fit him right. He has a huge head... always has...most likely always will. Monster was not doing any jumps or stunts on his bike. I was near him the whole time and honestly I am just not as worried about it as others. I mean I survived my childhood without a helmet and lets just say I was a lot more daring than my child is. And if anyone knows of a place that does custom fittings for helmets please let me know :) 

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