Monday, February 17, 2014

Playing catch up

I haven't posted since January. Slacker, I know! We have been so busy. I have taken on a job for a month. It was not meant to be this long but things happened and they needed someone for the month. I can honestly say I love the company (it's a company my husband works for) and the people are so nice here, but I know this is not my calling. Sitting at a desk all day answering phones is just not for me!

Homeschooling- Since I have been working this month, we are fitting in homeschooling in the evenings. Several people wondered how it would work with me working and not being there during the day to homeschool. That is the joy of homeschooling. Who says it has to be in the day? Monster actually does really well with working in the evenings. Worksheets are still "not his favorite" as he would say. I am looking into new curriculum for 2nd grade. A more hands on approach. Monster is still doing very well and we are still on track. He is loving his co-op classes on Friday and I can't wait to pick out next years classes! I am so glad we are in such a great co-op!

Things that have happened since I last posted: MONSTER TURNED 7!!! I can not believe my baby is 7! Where has time gone?

I just love him! 
(the bow tie and suspenders are from The Baxter Boy. I won them through a giveaway!) 

This past weekend we had Monsters birthday party and got to see family and friends! We got to stay a night at a hotel and Monster loved that! Last night, we went to Grand Prairie and saw Tim Hawkins perform. He is great! 

In other news: I have a wonderful review coming up! I needed nice weather to be able to do this review and in Texas you just never know what the weather is going to do! This week we have FABULOUS weather!  I am talking like low 70's! So it will be perfect to get some pictures of this product outside and put this review up! You friends are going to love this product! It is great for all ages!!! 

SO Stay tuned.... more to come soon! 

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