Thursday, July 11, 2013

Watercolor Art

I have been trying to find ways to keep Monster busy other than letting him play on the Wii ( he would stay on it all day if I would let him ). I found this idea on Pinterest and since I already had a canvas I thought we would try it out! I learned a couple things along the way too! 
1. Only use Crayola brand watercolors. I used another brand since it was what we had and the colors were so dull we kept having to go back over them. 
2. Use a smaller canvas. Mine is a large one that we reused and it took a lot of time. 

Monster had fun with it though! That is what really matters! 

Also make sure the paint stays really wet when the salt gets poured on it. I ended up using a spray bottle to spray more water since the paint was drying too fast! 

Materials needed:
Elmers glue ( In the original post she says you can use either the clear or white glue)
Watercolors (USE CRAYOLA BRAND!!!)

Let child paint
Throw on some glue however they want it :) 
Add some salt 
Watch the colors soak up in the salt! 

Monster loved this. I think this would be fun for ages 3 and up! 

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