Friday, July 19, 2013

Got to LOVE Target!

I have a love-hate relationship with my local Target. Some days they have great things/deals, some days not so much. My favorite part of Target is their dollar spot! Best Thing Ever! It sucks you right in too since it is right by the front door! So last night we went to Target to get Hubby so red clothing...He left for camp with his 5th grade boys this morning... Well first stop was the DOLLAR SPOT! I could have picked up everything there! They have some great items right now! I got Monster a Math Bingo game, three different reading books, and wipe off addition cards! I was going to make some from an idea on Pinterest but now I don't have too! YAY! I also got a bucket with three different spots to hold his items while he works. I literally had to make myself walk away before I bought everything! They also have some great treasure box prizes too! Markers, erasers, pencils, fun little toys! I will be going back to get some of those as incentives for Monster! I also hit up the school supply area and went ahead and got some markers, blank notecards for his sight words and a little note card file holder that I will use to keep his sight words in. I also got a composition book that I will personalize for him as his Math journal. I am getting very excited about Homeschooling!! 

The three books I got were: Sharks ( Nature Series) 50 Great States ( Fast Fact Book) and a Reading Comprehension book (all about animals around the world). They all do say grade 2-4 but Monster does great with reading so he will have no problem with these books! 

Check out your local Target!

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