Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer is coming...

Are you ready for Summer? I know I am! I strongly dislike being cold in any way, so I can not wait for it to be warm. Here in Texas we have hot summers. I was browsing Pinterest and found tons of fun activities for kids this summer. I wanted to share them on here in case you are one of the smart people who never got sucked into joining Pinterest ( It sucks you in and you can lose hours off your day! lol).

This has got to be my favorite. I can not wait to try this during the summer. Since we live in Texas and like I said it gets HOT! I am going to try setting this outside and letting it melt that way. It will be a fun experiment to do with Monster as well as some awesome art work to hang up!
Another fun project to do in the heat! Coloring on rocks! If it is hot enough where you live then the crayon wax will melt on the rocks! I need to find some big rocks like these though!
I love this idea! Everyone knows about melting crayons to  make crayon shapes, but I never thought to use them to make a candle! I think this summer we may be using a ton of crayons for projects! This would be a great experiment to see how long it takes the crayons to melt out in the heat!
Well there are three fun summer activities! I will share more as I find them!!

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