Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Homeschooling books!

This past weekend Monster and I went to Houston to visit my Mom, Sister and my sisters twins. While we were there we went over to Garden Ridge. I haven't been to Garden Ridge to actually go shopping in awhile. I just don't ever think about that place really. Now when you think of Garden Ridge you think of things for outside your home. I think of patio furniture, garden decorations, lawn items. But they have really expanded what they sell. My favorite part is they have books for REALLY, REALLY cheap!!! They have a ton of children's books which is one of my favorite things! In their selection, they have a great selection of learning books. My mom got Monster some great books, two which are dry erase.
These are all things we are working on with Monster too!
This book I bought! 365 things to make and do! And for only $10!! It has some really great ideas too!!
I know these aren't books but I wanted to show them off too! I had no clue Garden Ridge had things like these! They are Red and Orange! (They look dull here but I think it is just the lighting). I want to use them in Monsters room somehow when we put together the Superhero room for him!

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