Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blokus Game! (Review)

For Monster's 6th birthday we got him this game from Mattel called junior Blokus! Monster loves games that challenge him. I found this game at Target and thought it would be perfect for him. We have played this game several times over the last month and he loves it. This game is very simple to set out. It has the board and each player has a set of pieces. We keep ours in ziplock baggies so they are all over the box. Each player starts on a small circle on the white board. That is there starting point. You can not touch side by side of same colors just the tips of the corners. The object is to use all your pieces or be the player with the least pieces left at the end of the game! If you look at the pictures you can see that as your pieces connect you can cross over into the other players color as long as your pieces corners always touch! We have gotten down to each having just a few pieces left! It is challenging and very fun. It keeps your brain thinking too! You can't really set up a plan of where you will go next because you don't know where the other player will go! Monster usually picks randomly while I start with the bigger ones then fit in the smaller pieces!
One thing I really just love about this game is it came with ten mini games. They are sheets and you set the board up according to the sheet. Then you use the pieces it tells you at the bottom to connect the green pieces again only letting the corners touch one another! I think this is awesome to add to this game! I hope they come out with more sheets to purchase because we are going through the ten they have in the game and I think this would be a great thing to use for homeschooling. It can be a quiet time activity or for Monster his morning challenge! I really hope they come out with more sheets otherwise I might have to be making up my own!
I overall think this is a great games for kids! They also have an adult version of this game with more colors and pieces and more shapes. We don't have it but have played it and it is just as fun! It is on our list of games to get next!
Junior Blokus is recommended for ages 5+
It is a 2 player game
Kids and adults can have fun playing this game!
* I was in no way asked to write this review or compensated for this review! I just really liked this product and wanted to share it with you!

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