Friday, October 10, 2014

Staycation trip

It is that time of year again. My husband went to his annual HR conference which means we got to go to Forth Worth and stay! YAY! Now I will say this was most likely our last year to go. Not because he won't be going but because they shut down our FAVORITE Barnes and Noble. So bummed.

We left Sunday night after Awanas at church and what should of been about an hour drive took us two due to traffic! I should of listened to my gut and left Monday morning!

Monday, we walked around the water gardens since it was right across from the hotel (Omni Hotel). We then walked to Barnes and Noble... well what used to be Barnes and Noble. I was sad, Monster was mad! He loved it! So we got some Jamba Juice and went back to the hotel.

Tuesday, we got up and went to the Log Cabin Village. Now for the cost it was worth it. I was bummed it didn't take us long to get through though. They had several hands on activities and people in each cabin area to tell you all about it. Very nice people too!

Wednesday, we got up, cleaned up, packed and waited on Husband to get done. When he did we came home and all relaxed!!!

Here are a few pics of our trip!

It was not cold I promise! 

Feeling the water coming down and sticking his finger in the hole in the wall.

He wanted to climb the mountain... this made me nervous, but I let him.

He made it!! And yes, it's very high! 

Our hotel from the water gardens...the taller part is actually living spaces... a girl can dream.... 

Log cabin time! 

She was explaining how they used to crush corn and wheat and was showing him the machines and how they worked! 

Off to school!! 

This was perfect since we have been talking about Colonial times. We talked about how children would bring in the wood and if they didn't they had to sit the furthest away! 

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Dee said...

That looks like a fantastic trip!! We are trying to do more things that are fairly close. We went to the Pirate Festival and the weather was perfect for the beach this weekend!