Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beakers-O-Fun Review (discount code)

I am so excited to share about this fun and exciting new Science sets. 

Have you ever heard of Buckets-O-Fun?? If you haven't click on the link to find out more! If you have then you might or might not know they have created a sister/brother company called Beakers-O-Fun. Fun Science projects right to your door! 

My son LOVES Science projects. He is all about Science. These are great Science kits for either the classroom or for homeschooling families. Best part is most of it can be reused over and over! 

Each kit comes with:
  • Teacher instructions
  • Student worksheets
  • Most supplies (some like a pencil or tape you might need from home)
  • tons of fun in each kit! 
We were sent Homeschool Pack #3 which retails for $24.00

Project #1
Insect Order

This kit comes with: 
  • 13 little insects/bugs
  • Magnifier
  • Crayola Model Magic
Only thing for this kit from home you need is a pencil to write with and maybe some crayons or map pencils to draw with.  

This kit teaches:
  • to make good observations
  • following directions 
  • ordering and classifying

 To start with on this project, he started with exploring the insects with his magnifying glass. He then moved to separating out the insects from the non insects. His student worksheet gave him clues to help him figure out which ones were which. His next step was to take and place each insect or non insect in the correct area of the worksheet. Some of them he even got to draw out. He then answered questions on his student worksheets. Just a few and he really liked that there were only a few. The last step was to make fossils of the insects and non insects.

Monster thought this was so much fun! They send you Crayola Model Magic (enough for 1-2 children but you can buy more). I rolled them into balls and Monster took the insects placed them on their backs on the modeling clay and push down to make fossils. We let them dry for two days (just to be safe) and now he can use them whenever he wants! 

Project #2 
Spinning White Light

Monster was fascinated with this one! 

Kit included:
  • 1 motor
  • 1 AA battery
  • card stock circles ( which we cut apart ourselves)
  • 1 prism 
  • 1 box of 8 count crayons
The items that you need to include are: tape, scissors and a pencil.

This kit teaches:

  • the use of Science tools
  • Following directions
  • Observing
  • Investigating 

Monster started by exploring light bending with the prism. He found what sunlight we could (it was a cloudy day) and used the sunlight coming in. He held the prism so the sunlight (white light) would hit the prism, bend, and then make a rainbow. He loved it. The next part of the project included him coloring the circles with crayons. He colored each area a different color and then we put the motor and battery together. Once we placed the colored circle on top and connected the last piece the motor started and spun the circle around. In the picture you can see the color, but while it was spinning the colors all ran together and looked white! Monster was quite impressed! He made several more through out the day and did this several times! At the end of this project I asked him questions from the teacher instructions and he answered them. 

Project #3
Magical Magnetism

Kit included:
  • 1 magnet
  • 1 small compass
  • card stock race paper
  • 2 paper clips
  • tread
Only thing we had to include was tape and scissors.

This kit teaches:
  • Observation
  • Using Science tools
  • Experimenting
  • Following directions

Monster really enjoyed this one as well. He thought it was really neat that you could hold the magnet away from the paper clip and it would still hold the paper clip and thread up (magnetism passing through the air). This project came with a few different experiments to try. I love that they included more that just one on this one. That way you can see how magnetism is used. Monster was able to answer the questions on his worksheet pretty much by himself on this one after we talked about the experiments. 

I, as a homeschooling mom, LOVED this kit. It was something different than we had done before and I love that it came with everything already planned out for me. That helps a lot when you have other lessons to plan out. I love that they give you questions to ask your student to make sure your student is understanding what you are talking about. I will definatley be ordering one of the other kits to use with Monster. 

Right now they have three kits available for homeschooling families. 

And right now they are offering my followers a discount code for 10% off until the end of December! 

Coupon Code: MONSTER

You can also find and follow along with Beakers-O-Fun

* I was sent this kit to do an honest review. All opinions are mine and Monsters and are completely honest in the way we feel about this product. 


Kirsti said...

oh my goodness, I need these!! If our charter doesn't cover them, they'll make great christmas presents!

Kelli Wood said...

Kristi- I love these kits! Don't forget to use the discount code to help save some $$! These would be great gifts! I never thought about that! Great idea!!